8 Pro Tips to Reduce the Stress of Business Travel

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Business travel is exciting and profitable, but stress is inevitable. Let us share 8 pro tips to keep that stress at bay!

Business travelling may seem glamorous – and it is. Flying to new cities, witnessing interesting events and locations around the globe and widening your personal and professional networks by meeting new people is definitely attractive.

However, business travel can also be stress-inducing, causing your mental and physical health to suffer. You may feel overwhelmed at times, get tired of packing and unpacking luggage every time you move to a new location, and most crucially, adapting a new routine for each new trip can be exhausting. Unlike personal travel, during business travel, you also have to cater to the roles and responsibilities of your work. The end result? A stressed and tired you.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially when we are here to give you the best tips to avoid and manage stress while travelling for work. In this blog, we have used our extensive business travel; experience to list 8 ways you can keep the stress at bay. Here you go:

Being Prepared in Advance

Preparing yourself for the trip in advance is always the best practice.

Make a list of items that’d be needed for the trip – your laptop, mobile phone, chargers or power bank, the presentation files you’re going to display, backup of your presentation, and the attire you’ll need to wear. Sort out all of these necessities as soon as your travel plan is finalized so that you don’t have to fish out your things at the last moment. Believe us, looking for important things at the eleventh hour can be a huge source of stress, and this can be easily avoided with a little planning.

Pack Your Things Smartly

Packing all your necessary things is not the real challenge; everyone can do that. The real challenge is to pack your things smartly.

Imagine loading your luggage bags with each item one over the other, and searching through things when you are already late for a meeting. You’ll surely be in jeopardy. The best practice is to put in things smartly – in compliance with the schedule you need to follow. Your gadgets and power bank in the front pocket, clothes folded properly in the bigger section, and so on. Remember, you don’t need to pack a lot of things for business travel. If you plan intelligently, a few sets of clothes could be enough, and even two pairs of shoes will do the job for a week-long trip. Make sure that you utilize your suitcase in the best possible way, and store your things in every available space inside it.

Make Sure to Dress Comfortably

Yes, you’re travelling to attend a business meeting, but that doesn’t mean that you need to wear that uncomfortable formal attire during the flights, too. While it is important to dress appropriately for work, make sure that you travel in comfortable clothes. This way your mind and body get a break from the worry that comes with being dressed formally – worrying about spills, stains and getting wrinkles on your clothes, dirt on your shoes and so on. Wear clothes that are comfortable for travelling and enjoying other parts of your trip when you are not meeting with work-related individuals. A pair of easy pants, a loose shirt with a sweater or jacket can be good enough for the ‘non-work’ parts of your business trip. This will also help you in case the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Keep a Set of Travel Necessities Ready

As a business professional, you are often called for travelling on short notice. A great source of stress would be packing your stuff with urgency.

Thus, the best practice is to keep a travel bag ready at all times. You can put things like clothes, hygiene essentials and toiletries, an extra phone charger, business stationery, and even some quick snacks inside your travel bag. Additionally, make sure to keep a magazine or anything of your interest that could calm your nerves while you are on the flight or waiting at the airport.

It is also smart to be in touch with a business travel agency in Vancouver like Stenner Travel, who can plan and book your trip on short notice. Travel experts at such agencies can also take care of the minute details that could save you from a lot of unnecessary stress.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Even if you’re used to travelling, you should be prepared for the unexpected every time. Whether you’re travelling for a few hours or for days, make sure to have an emergency plan ready for each trip. Don’t know how to go about this? Your travel agent can help you out. Your emergency plan will include details like who to contact in case of an emergency, where to go if there’s a problem, how to deal with accidents, and more.

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Carry Less but Important Stuff

Keep in mind the fact that you’re on a business trip and not on vacation, where you’ll wear unlimited clothes and carry presents for all your relatives and friends. You already have to carry a lot of gadgets and presentation material on such business trips. Thus, carrying all your clothes and other stuff to business travels would only weigh-up your luggage and create a lot of stress.

Make sure that you carry little amounts of your daily essentials in small travel bottles so that you can enjoy that extra comfort after a long day. Even small things like using your favourite moisturizer or facewash, or enjoying a familiar scent can relax your mind and have a calming effect on you.

Be Kind and Passionate

When you’re travelling for business purposes, you often are alone. It may make you feel lazy or stubborn at times. What can save you in such a situation is being kind and passionate towards everyone you’re travelling with. The more politely you’ll talk to everyone, the better you’ll feel around them, and all your stress go away!

Organizing business travel can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be that way – especially if you have a reliable Vancouver travel agency to depend on for everything.

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