Adventure Travel


Traditionally, adventure travel dealt with a lot of physical exertion and a considerable amount of risk. Gone are the days that adventure was only for those who had strong arms and muscular abs.

Today, whatever that instantly comes to your mind when you hear “adventure” is adventure travel. It could be hopping on a wildlife safari in Kenya for one person, joining a trek up a grand mountain for another, or simply trying an extra-spicy Asian dish for another. Grasping the concept of adventure travel with Stenner Travel Agency is as simple as that. Your perception of adventure might change from that of an amateur traveller and a traveller who has years of experience flying to different destinations.


Queen Charlotte Lodge is a place where modern-day travelers can enjoy a taste of wilderness adventure perfectly blended with the comforts of warm hospitality in well-appointed lodging.Less than 3 hours from Vancouver by private charter jet and helicopter, discover the wild northwest coast, home of eagles and bears, salmon and halibut and lush old growth forests.

With a choice of 5 different lodge accommodations, we’ve made it easy to give yourself the chance to relax and recharge. Our lodges are beautifully designed to deliver that relaxed West Coast feel along with QCL’s island culture. Our goal is to create a memorable trip from start to finish – you’ll have another place to call home!

Nestled among the towering spruce of Naden Harbour on the northern shores of BC’s Haida Gwaii, QCL is a welcome escape from the clamour of daily life. While the salmon and halibut fishing here is legendary, many discover what they really love most is the QCL experience; a very special mix of adventure, friendship, comfort and fun in this magical corner of the world. You need to experience it firsthand!

Whether it’s the exhilaration of seeing a humpback whale alongside your boat, the flash of chrome silver as the fish of a lifetime swims away or the cheers of your friends as you clang the Tyee bell in celebration, the QCL experience is something you never forget. This is a special place and we’re very pleased to share it. Make plans to join us in Haida Gwaii to share those moments here with your family and friends.


The idea of adventure travel is very subjective. Consulting an excellent travel agency like Stenner Travel can get you ready for whatever you have in mind. A travel agency with such practice can turn any experience into an adventure; therefore, there is only a little left that you have to do before starting the journey.

  • Understanding real adventure – Adventure does not necessarily have to be something that gets you in trouble, gives you a taste of danger or gives you a severe adrenaline rush. Just remember that you need not to jump off a cliff with a parachute on your back to be an adventure traveller.
  • Know your niche –Before booking an expensive skydiving session, ask yourself whether it is really what you want to do. Understanding your preferences can help the travel agent to choose the best options available.
  • Ask your travel agent for pointers – First off, you must know what you are up against! You cannot fight live through an entire day of hitchhiking with a single bottle of water. This is why it is important always to be aware of what you will be doing, what you need to be wearing, and how you should pack.
  • It is okay to forget your gold – Taking valuables on adventure travel expeditions can be a huge risk because you will always have to keep an eye on them. Leave your jewellery home and pack up your essentials to enhance the adventure.
  • Dress accordingly – Depending on the adventurous experience you wish to have, the clothes you need to wear would differ. Whatever you bring, make sure they are comfortable, lightweight and familiar. For instance, the wrong pair of shoes on a single day of trekking will ruin the entire trip for you.
  • Consider and reconsider – If you are not much of a hiker, do not get yourself signed up for a difficult expedition up the Everest! Just because every other person is doing it does not mean you have to, too. Consider your preferences and options first. It is not a competition, so relax!

Get your Adventure Spirit Ready!

Adventure travel is all about understanding your potential and doing something that pleases, relaxes and challenges you at the same time. Do what you love. That is game enough.