Avoid Luxury Travel Nightmares By Working With a Concierge Travel Agent

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Have you been dreaming of an idyllic destination – whether it be for years, months or even just hours? Your first thought might be to head online to book what might seem like a straight-forward, simple vacation. 

Before I became a travel concierge – and before I’d used a travel agent myself – I had booked a spring break vacation which would soon shape my career. I had used that online booking site many times before for myself and even helped family and friends book their trips. It was easy and quick to book vacation packages! 

But when my group and I showed up at the airport to check in for our All-Inclusive vacation to Cabo San Lucas, the check-in agent told us our flight reservations were nowhere to be found. Wait what?! The online booking site we booked our dream vacation through had cancelled our flights without sending us any notification. We panicked! 

Standing in the airport with luggage and no bookings confirmed, I called the company, who could provide no explanations to why our trip was cancelled. Eight hours and five different agents later, we finally had an alternative destination, after an agent suggested Honolulu. Sweet! Who doesn’t love Hawaii, right? They booked us on the next days’ flight and had confirmed an oceanfront hotel.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, we realized it wasn’t as picturesque as we’d been led to believe – the ocean was a street away, and the pool and half the hotel was under construction, causing tremendous noise. We were disappointed, and since we hadn’t been able to book an all-inclusive package in Hawaii like we were looking forward to in Cabo, we had to spend more money than we had expected.

To further our disappointment, the travel company offered little sympathy or apology, only a small future credit towards another booking with them, which we never used. Hindsight makes it easy to say what we should have done differently; all that hassle could have been avoided if I’d originally booked with a trustworthy travel agent.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t my last encounter with that company. I recently worked with a client who had a credit from a cancelled trip, and even with my help it took me four days to book a trip for them with the company – something that I know few of my clients have time for.

Concierge Travel Agent

Can’t Buy Service Online

Some might not see the value in using a travel agent, I didn’t either and in the end, I ended up spending way more money than my original all-inclusive package, not to mention time. With all the online booking sites and “deals” being offered out there it can sometimes be hard for a travel advisor to compete, but one thing is for sure – you cannot buy service online.

My experience inspired me to start Stenner Travel, a concierge travel agency, to prevent other luxury travelers from experiencing the same stress, time and heartache! We work with our clients from start of their trip and until they arrive home and take care of everything in between. We provide a peace of mind to our clients knowing that they have a “go to” person, they’re not alone and can contact us day or night.

When you book with our luxury travel agency, you will never have an experience like the one I had. We know the best airlines and vendors. We keep apprised of trends, reviews, and customer experiences. We go the extra mile to ensure that your vacation is easy, relaxing, and stress-free. Our goal is to make your trip effortless and unforgettable; we anticipate and accommodate your needs so that you can focus on what matters most; the experience. And that’s why we’re considered the best luxury travel agency in Vancouver BC.

If you’re ready to take the first step to get to your luxury travel vacation, our advisors are ready to help!