Luxury Travel: One of the Many Choices in Travel

Luxury Travel

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures of life, regardless of whether it is within Canada or somewhere abroad. The detail lies in always doing it in a big way to enjoy it to the fullest. From staying in the most exclusive hotels to having the experiences that are lived only once in a lifetime, we leave you with the latest trends in luxury travel that you will have to consider to achieve it.

Luxury Travel: What’s the Buzz About?

It’s all about sharing quality time with friends and family while treating yourself like a king on your vacation. In addition, these trends also try to find new aspects of your personality and your emotions through exclusivity. There are many hotels that are friendly to the environment without neglecting the luxury they offer.

So, if you plan to travel big, alone or with friends, here are some of the best new trends in luxury travel.

The Existential Self

Holidays can always be the same, so people look for something that meets their emotional needs. It involves something they did not know existed but will help them find the best version of themselves.

The Luxury Travel Dilemma

Many travel agencies offer status but the quality is not the same. That is why many people look for brands not so well known for travel that offer them quality and a meaningful purpose. With an ideal luxury vacation, they can find themselves during a dream vacation.

Environmental Rewards

Many trips can cause littering, garbage and an environmental impact in the place you visit – there are fewer brands that recognize the impact it causes on the environment. Therefore, people now look for places where you can live with nature and reward the damage they have caused. For example, there are hotels where you plant a tree in the area before you begin.

Luxury Demanded

Our travel agency Vancouver will always make you want something else and concentrate on something bigger. For example, The Berkeley Hotel in London offers vintage designer clothes and accessories that you can use free of charge during your stay. From Chanel bags to Dior earrings, you will have everything at your fingertips.


Having a personalized vacation to your tastes is something that everyone wants to live. For example, a DNA test can be performed to find out about your heredity origins. According to your ancestry, a trip through these places can be organized. Amazing, right?

Your Luxury Travel with Stenner – As Individual as You Are

Your Wishes and Demands are Our Passion.

A great vacation can mean relaxing in the most beautiful bays in the world. A trip with Stenner Travel, one of the best travel agencies in Vancouver, means relaxing in these bathing bays on your personal choice of the island, including your own yacht with a feel-good character.

It is your personal dreams that shape your next trip with incredible moments. From the extraordinary round trip in a private jet to the adventurous luxury camping in the desert to the glamorous luxury cruise to the most remote corners of the world – As a leading travel agency in Vancouver, our trained travel agents are happy to plan your luxury trips! Do you have special wishes and ideas? We are happy to implement them. With a lot of passion and commitment, we pursue your unusual travel dreams and design your individual luxury trips with the highest level of commitment. With our premium service, your travel dreams are freed from all limits.

The Highest Level of Service And Quality

Looking for the best vacation of your life? Enjoy pure relaxation with Stenner Travel

1. Our service promise to you

Your vacation begins with our exclusive advice. A high degree of professionalism is just as important to us as working without delays and hidden costs for you as our customer. Our trained staff are always available to you and are happy to offer you a luxurious dream trip you want. Our hobbyhorse? Exceed your expectations!

2. Maximum security also means luxury

Not only are your vacation dreams safe with us, so are your dates. We only work with quality-controlled tour operators, top airlines and excellent hotel chains who share our philosophy and our claim to transparency, maximum security and quality.

3. Your Personal Travel Agency in Vancouver

In order to be able to respond to your individual wishes in the best possible way, we place great value on our consulting services. Our values are defined by experience, reliability, authenticity and competence! Bundled expert knowledge, inspiring ideas and the love for exclusive new products make us exclusively committed to you with a huge network of trained travel experts.

4. For the Luxurious and Extraordinary Travel

Your expectations are our passion because it is always important to exceed them. Your next luxury vacation will not only be as you imagine it you will also have an amazing experience that exceeds all your expectations. We take great pleasure in offering you a trip that will amaze you and give you unique moments that you will always remember. With our Stenner Travel promise, we make it clear: With us, wishes know no limits!