Planning a Destination Bachelorette Party – The Ultimate Guide

destination bachelorette party

If your bestie is getting married and you are looking for ways as the maid-of-honor to make her have a blast, there’s nothing better than organizing a destination bachelorette party!

What’s better than a fun bachelorette party? A destination bachelorette party! Being a combination of celebrating your bestie and traveling, if planned well, it will be the time of your lives! This is why we are going to tell how to plan the perfect destination bachelorette party so that there are no mishaps and shortfalls, and just plain (naughty) fun in a location of your dreams!

Four months before…

As soon as the wedding date is confirmed, get down to planning the bachelorette party. Here’s how you should go about it:

1.  Create the Guest List

Sit with the bride and decide which girls she wants to invite to the party. Typically, the guests include close friends, bridesmaids and maybe some family members and colleagues. It is wise to make a list of their contact information so that it is easy to communicate with them all.

2.  Choose a Date

Once you have collected the contact information, you can create a group text thread on WhatsApp or a group on Facebook where you can get everybody’s input regarding the date. Undoubtedly, this is the easiest way to find out who is free on which days. Shortlist a few date options from the suggestions of the guests and ask them to vote to settle on one date. Involving everybody in this process will help you avoid any possible conflicts or tensions over the dates and make it easier to find a day or weekend that works for everybody.

3.  Set a Budget

Discuss with the girls about how much each of them can pitch in for the party. Keep in mind that everybody may not be able to pay equal amounts – and they don’t have to – so be flexible about that. After asking everybody, you can offer a few options and select the best option with the help of others.

4.  Select a City

Right next is the best part: choosing the destination! First, ask the bride-to-be for her preference, although you may already be knowing her dream location if she is your bestie. If she doesn’t have a preference, you can research the best bachelorette party destination locations. It is wise to consult a travel concierge service like Stenner Travel.

Stenner Travel can help you plan the perfect luxury trip, filled with all the fun elements at the best locations. They can offer you pre-planned packages as well as design a personalized trip plan for you so that you can know precisely what you and your bestie bride want for her bachelorette party. Their services are not limited to resorts and spas – the typical “luxury” options – but can also include whatever you enjoy, be it a desert safari or a trip to an exotic location, and more.

Confused about the location? Browse through our featured travel resorts for the best options!

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Three months before…

1.  Remind the Girls

A destination bachelorette party is already very exciting, but you can fuel up the excitement even more by sending a friendly reminder at the 3-month mark! A woman needs time to shop, as well, doesn’t she? Send a text or email, and utilize this opportunity to welcome any suggestions or interesting ideas from the girls.

2.  Decide the Travel Plans

The most difficult part when finalizing the travel plans is booking travel. Find out where each of you will be traveling from to see if you can coordinate your travel: through the same or connecting flights, carpooling if it is a road trip, and so on. If you are traveling with the bride, there are plenty of fun things that you can do, such as listening to old favorites through carefully designed music playlists or getting the flight attendant to give a little shout out for your bestie bride!

Coordinating and organizing all the travel may get overwhelming. One great idea is to hire the professional services of a travel expert or concierge such as Stenner Travel so that you can focus on having fun without having to worry about anything else!

3.  Book Your Stay

Looking into the accommodation arrangements comes right after booking your travel, regardless of whether you select a hotel or a vacation home. In case your destination is new to you, you can use online research to gain some familiarity or consult your travel concierge who can walk you through the process very easily. One tip to cut down on the taxi fares is to select accommodation that is near to all the hotspots that you want to visit are.

4.  The Next Steps

  • Choose the theme for the party.
  • Send out the invites.
  • Buy bachelorette swag and décor.
  • Plan and choose the games (such as Truth or Dare and 21 Questions).
  • Design the menu.
  • Create a wedding hashtag!
  • Confirm your reservation with the hotel or rental company, along with other details such as when you would be able to check into the hotel rooms.
  • Download or print your boarding passes if you are flying.
  • If you are planning to drive, make sure that your fuel tank is filled up.
  • Get enough rest before leaving for the trip so that you are all set to have a blast at the ultimate getaway with your girls!
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We hope that you have the best time celebrating with your girls!

Stenner Travel is a professional travel concierge agency that provides the ultimate travel experience for both leisure and business clients.

We can provide customized travel designs and solutions for all types of group or solo travel, and can be the right partner for your destination bachelorette party! Get in touch with us today.