Why Everyone Should Use a Travel Agency in 2020

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Imagine every worst case scenario that could arise when traveling. They’ve happened to someone vacationing somewhere in the world, and they will happen again. 

There’s someone who was planning the vacation of their dreams for years, full of magical touches and nothing less than perfection. But their amateur planning blinded them to the possibility and likeliness of potential mishaps, with seemingly small problems remaining unnoticed until it was too late. Perhaps they’d misread the fine print when booking connecting flights and resorted to running around airports, lugging a suitcase in each hand. Or, perhaps their hotel hadn’t quite lived up to the expectations and standards they’d visualised after reading a handful of online reviews, and there was no ocean view from the bedroom waiting for them, nor a 5 star spa a few steps away from their door with perks and privileges tailored just for them. 

Inconveniences such as these are unlikely to create fond memories when your honeymoon fell far short of what you’d dreamed of.

That couple retreated to their home country defeated by the complex world of luxury travel, having learned never to make the same mistake again because all their upset could have been avoided had they booked with a luxury travel agency like Stenner Travel agency Vancouver. 

We work to prevent issues like these and much more – problems you couldn’t imagine would arise, and will never even notice, since we spot them before they happen. And on the slight chance that something may occur, we are here ready to resolve it for you, lifting the stress and pressure off of you when your priority should be relaxing and creating unforgettable memories. And we’re not only available for emergencies!  A knowledgeable and experienced member of our team will be available to you before, during and after your vacation for advice or questions. 

So, we’ll protect you and save you from the unexpected, but why else should you book with the best luxury travel agency in Vancouver?

Luxury travel agency Vancouver

Unless you enjoy thorough researching for better deals or complex routes, planning an important or complicated vacation can be very stressful. Booking with a travel concierge will allow you to sit back and enjoy, benefiting from our expertise. Throughout your whole trip you can relax knowing that Stenner Travel Agency has everything under control. 

As much of a Google-whizz you might be, there are some offers and benefits simply unavailable to the non-professional booker. Throughout our years of practice we have acquired exclusive perks from a wide range of companies.  An unexpected detail such as a complimentary upgrade could be what makes your holiday just a bit more memorable. Our experience and links with other professionals could provide you hidden gems in your destination you didn’t even know existed, let alone wanted. 

And finally, what ultimately makes for a perfect trip is a concierge who really listens to you. Over consultations and conversations, our agents listen to every detail you are imagining and book exactly what you want. Listening to our professional advice will lead to a personal, once in a lifetime experience tailored exactly to your personality and desires. 

If all this sounds like something you’ve been waiting to hear, don’t hesitate to contact the best luxury travel agency in Vancouver. We would be delighted to help you fulfill your dreams.